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Kim Rosengren

Chief Marketing Officer

Welcome to Growth Marketing

Mahatma Gandhi said "be the change you want to see in the world." Change often comes from disrupting the status quo. I use marketing as a platform to change healthcare. I am a Chief Marketing Officer and work with private-equity owned and high-growth healthcare IT companies to accelerate short-term revenue and long-term value by defining, launching, and generating demand for new innovative solutions.  I drive three activities:

  1. Create new markets. Identify and GoToMarket with new solutions that grow long-term market value

  2. Make market leaders. Create a thought leadership platform that leverages Vision, Voice and Value to make you sought-after market leaders

  3. Accelerate sales. Launch sophisticated demand generation programs and sales tools that shorten the sales cycle and expand the size of the deal using a proprietary model called Contact2Contract™

While long-term results include a 3x valuation of a services company, shorter term results include:

Created New Markets

Changed the healthcare experience for 30,000 consumers in 31 days by launching an online social networking, gaming and healthcare solution that engaged and rewarded  new behavior

Made Market Leaders

Leveraged an industry issue to build innovative, thought leadership content and demand generation programs that drove a 9-month, $175M pipeline

Accelerated Sales

Transformed a demand generation program and improved the number of leads generated by 300%, increased the level of qualified leads 600% and doubled the sales pipeline

Innovative Models Drive Marketing ROI




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To move marketing from a set of individual, reactive tactics to a strategy that drives short-term revenue and long-term customer equity, I give you a Vision, a Voice and Value that resonates with your customers. 


Inspirational vision. More than a statement on a website, your marketing must start with an inspirational vision that your company owns. A vision that inspires others. A unique vision that defines the reason for your solutions. Would you rather own a pair of tennis shoes that gets you from point A to point B or a pair of running shoes that help you cross the finish line of that first or 100th race? That vision comes from you and your best customers. I help you define or refine your vision.


Commanding voice.  You want your target markets to understand your vision and what it means to them. To earn and retain someone's attention, you need to intrigue them with new knowledge. You need to paint a picture of something they want, and then challenge them to enter it. I help you create and promote a voice that tells the market why they want to partner with you. 

Real value.  To accelerate a sales cycle, you need to demonstrate the value of your solution in terms your buyer understands. Value is not about how your buyer will use something, it's about what it does for them. I help you build a systematic program to define the value your customers want, capture the proof points that demonstrate that value, and then leverage it in everything from demand generation programs to assessments, RFP content and presentation support.  

Your vision, voice and value form your brand platform and ultimately the way you market and sell your solutions. More importantly, they become the foundation for new solutions and new markets as you grow. Your market growth starts here.

Vision Voice Value


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Unlike yesterday’s demand generation programs designed to generate Marketing Qualified Leads,  Contact2Contract is an integrated marketing and sales strategy that shapes your buyers’ expectations and guides them to your solution BEFORE the first sales interaction. By delivering content at each stage of the buying cycle, Contact2Contract:

Accelerates sales. Leverages a proven methodology and tools to deliver marketing and sales content that engages the buyer and shapes the requirements and expectations.

Creates a sales and marketing partnership. Turns an adversarial relationship into a collaborative one by shaping the customer requirements with your solutions and generating a lead that is Solution Qualified.  ​

Drives customer advocacy. Influences messaging at every stage of the buying cycle, including contract and delivery, to help ensure that the customer experience matches the expectation and encourages sharing as a company advocate.



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